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The Building


At the present time, we are currently 100% leased and occupied.

Office Preparation Process:

  • Improvements and code compliance issues to the space are the sole financial responsibility of the tenant including signage, hardware, locks and keys and window coverings and treatments. The tenants can contract directly for these improvements through their respective purchasing and budget departments or request that the Authority act as their agent for these improvements.
  • Either approach requires that the tenant complies with the Authority’s Construction Policies & Procedures. as amended on January 16, 2013; a copy of which is in the Information Manual.

In order to ensure a comfortable and efficient office environment, Tenants must comply with the following Building requirements:

  • Provide D-WJBA with a copy of space plan drawings (mechanical, fire alarm, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, architectural, etc) for review and approval prior to start of any space redevelopment.
  • Please address any unusual space requirements in advance to ensure these items can be handled sufficiently during the buildout. Some examples are the need for extra cooling beyond occupied hours, additional electrical demand, etc.
  • Attend review sessions with D-WJBA representatives (with your contractors or design engineers) to ensure that base building system operations will not be adversely affected by your buildout.
  • Obtain all necessary building permits required by the City of Detroit Building and Safety Division in advance of build out, as well as comply with all ADA, OSHA, Federal, State and local codes during buildout.
  • Provide a material movement schedule to the D-WJBA to ensure that material movement for construction will not adversely affect the normal traffic patterns for existing tenants. Contractors will be required to move large materials during off-hour operation of the elevators
  • Adhere to all D-WJBA Construction policy requirements including providing the D-WJBA with insurance certificates.
  • The D-WJBA will accept responsibility for the maintenance of the space once all requirements contained in the Construction Policy & Procedures are met and upon receipt of a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Please be advised that the D-WJBA does not perform space build out services unless engaged to do so by the tenant pursuant to the terms of the Construction Policy & Procedure. It the tenants elects to contract with a third party for these improvements, D-WJBA participation is strictly in an advisory role to help minimize problems pre and post occupancy.

Occupancy Process:

  • The Authority will need advance notice (30 day requested) of your occupancy date in order to accomplish a number of critical items. Consequently, we will need the following:
  • Employee badging & key requests: We will need a list of all employees entitled to a badge and suite entry keys (the costs for key will be billed to the department pursuant to the DWJBA bill-back policy)
  • A written request to modify building signage and directories, if applicable Details regarding the move in including dates, moving company name, a certificate of insurance and the expected duration of move. Dock and freight elevator access is limited and non-exclusive.
  • A walk-through of the Building with the moving company and a departmental representative prior to the move date will be necessary to ensure all Rules and Regulations of the Building are followed.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Property Rules & Regulations: Rules and regulations can be found in the Information Manual.
  • Work Requests: All building-related requests must be entered through the Aware Work Order System. We will require two members of your staff to participate in a short training session prior to your occupancy.
  • Please email Mike Kennedy to schedule training (
  • Billback Policy: From time to time you may require work to be performed in your occupied space which is considered a non-standard service. Please refer to Exhibit A of the Information Manual as amended in January 2013 for a list of these services, as well as a current schedule of costs. (These services will be covered during the aforementioned Aware Work Order System training session).
  • Floor Wardens: The D-WJBA’s fire-life safety plan requires that each tenant identify a sufficient number of staff persons to fulfill the Floor Warden responsibilities and attend initial and on-going training.

Please contact us at (313) 309-2300 in the event that you have additional questions.