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Policies & Procedures

Moving Rules & Regulations

Movement of furniture, office equipment, construction materials, or any other items requiring more than 30 minutes in or out of the Center is restricted to weekends, or weekdays after 6:00 PM through 6:00 AM The D-WJBA adheres to the following procedures to make Tenant moves as efficient as possible and to maintain the comfort and safety of the occupants:

  • Since use of the freight elevator is on a first-come, first-serve basis, it is advantageous to reserve an elevator as soon as a confirmed move date is available. To reserve the freight elevator, call the D-WJBA to schedule an available time, and submit the request in writing. The written request should specify date and time of move, name of the moving company, estimated time of completion, and a brief description of items to be moved.
  • The Tenant is required to notify the moving company and request a Certificate of Insurance to be sent to the D-WJBA prior to the move date. Please contact the D-WJBA at (313) 309-2300 for proper additional insured information.
  • Should the Tenant require Security staff to coordinate and/or monitor the move, or need a member of our maintenance staff for
  • cleanup, the D-WJBA can arrange these services at a charge to the Tenant at the current rate per hour.
  • The Tenant is responsible to ensure that the delivery company adheres to the prescribed rules and regulations regarding their move or delivery.

The protection of Center corridors, doors, stairwells, elevator floor coverings, public areas, lobbies, and service areas are the responsibility the tenant and/or moving company. More specifically:

  1. Protection of Center floor covering of masonite or plywood along the prescribed route of movement through the Center as outlined by the D-WJBA.
  2. Protection of elevator lobbies, building corridors, and doors by cardboard, plywood or other pre-approved materials by the D- WJBA.
  3. The protection of elevator and entrance doorframes by 2" x 4" boards at 90-degree angles taped to the doorframe is required.
  4. The movement of materials, furniture, etc. is limited only to those corridors, stairwells, elevators, and service areas designated by the D-WJBA.

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