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Policies & Procedures


The Property Management Office, with the consent of the owners of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building, have designated the Office Buildings as NO SMOKING Buildings as described under Section 6 of D.C. Law 3-22, the District of Columbia Smoking Restriction Act of 1979, as amended by D.C. Law 8-262, the Smoking Regulation Amendment Act of 1990. As such, there will be no smoking in any of the common areas or service corridors of the Buildings, including the main lobby, elevator lobbies, service hallways, corridors, garage, roof top deck, restrooms or within 25 feet of entries and outdoor air intakes.

The Property Management Office is unable to regulate the Leased Premises of individual tenants. It is the responsibility of each office/company to establish a written policy for their areas as detailed under the D.C. law.